Monday, 28 May 2007

Value creation vs. valuation

Went on reading this evening. The word value still in my head...

Is web2.0 soon going to see a difference between real value and hyped valuation? See what Peter Rip has to say about that (not valuation, but what seems to be coming the web2.0's way). I truly don't know. I surely see some signs of the same things we saw before the bubble burst in 2001, but people keep saying this time it is different.

The really sad thing would be that if the bubble burst (somehow), good and bad will go down together. The bigger the tsunami, the worse the damage. Of course, some always prevail, but it does not mean that they will have been the better ones.

Probably, everyone would be better off at the end if we did not have to go through these hype- and roller coaster rides (Of course, the ones that hit the jackpot might not agree, but that is normal) in the public markets. Greed seems to blind collectively.

At the end, however, some value is always left behind to be collected. Fortunately so. And web3.0 might be born out of that.

The only problem, I guess, is that in the process we might lose one or more free services that we got used to. Shame.